• A Nomad River

    2021 year 90 min min 7.0 IMDB
    Julia Verdin, Nicole Cannon, Kankana Chakraborty
    Rivers dry up not only because of lack of rainfall but also because of suffocation of smaller streams, chaotic urbanization, deforestation, and unplanned public policy....
  • A Case of Blue

    2020 year 80 min min 6.7 IMDB
    Annapurna Sriram, Stephen Schnetzer, Malik Reed
    Recently retired accountant Richard Flicker attends a life-drawing class and his world is turned upside down when he encounters free-spirited Amelia, the spitting image...
  • Whitetail

    2021 year 119 min min 6.9 IMDB
    Jason Douglas, Billy Blair, Paul T. Taylor
    WHITETAIL follows a broken family consisting of a father, an uncle and the son as they embark on a weekend hunting trip out in West Texas. The mother has recently died ...
  • The Thing Inside Us

    2021 year 83 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Christine Tonry, Chad Graham, Ruben Juarbe
    Daniel and Shelly have lost everything to the LV pandemic that has currently engulfed the world. Most show no symptoms to the disease, but Daniel barely survived the in...
  • Our Nature

    2019 year N/A min 5.0 IMDB
    A documentary about the wild nature we coexist with, this short film sheds light on the many different animals of the sea, sky, and land that are important to our ecosy...
  • Theo Von: Regular People

    2021 year 61 min 7.0 IMDB
    Theo Von
    Von shares stories of his most memorable childhood friends, offers tips on how to effectively avoid work, and recounts the time he tried to play matchmaker in his homet...
  • Kodiyil Oruvan

    2021 year 150 min min 8.2 IMDB
    Vijay Antony, Aathmika, Ramachandra Raju
    Situations push a common man to oppose an influential guy in his area and how he develops himself stronger to fight back his enemies forms the crux of the story.
  • Dune

    2020 year 155 min 8.3 IMDB
    Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Timothée Chalamet
    Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, about the son of a noble family entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and most vital ele...
  • In for a Murder

    2021 year 105 min min 4.8 IMDB
    Anna Smolowik, Pawel Domagala, Szymon Bobrowski
    Magda, who long ago abandoned her career for the sake of her family, lives in Podkowa Lesna, near Warsaw. One evening, she accidentally discovers the body of a murdered...
  • Hotel Coppelia

    2021 year 113 min 7.3 IMDB
    Lumi Lizardo, Nashla Bogaert, Jazz Vilá, Nick Searcy
    Residents of a Brothel in 1960's Dominican Republic resist foreign invasion and try and survive civil war.
  • Then Came You

    2020 year 97 min 6.1 IMDB
    Kathie Lee Gifford, Craig Ferguson, Ford Kiernan, Phyllida Law
    A lonely widow plans a trip around the world with her husband's ashes, to visit the places they loved in the movies. The first stop on the journey changes her life fore...
  • The Mayor

    2016 year 130 min min 6.3 IMDB
    Choi Min-sik, Kwak Do-won, Shim Eun-kyung
    For the first time in Korean history, the mayor of Seoul attempts a third term in office.
  • Search Out

    2020 year 92 min min 5.5 IMDB
    Son Byong-ho, Ga-Yoon Heo, Go Jung-il
    A trainee policeman, a job seeker and a hacker team up to find out who sent the message "What is the significance of your life?" to a woman who ended up committing suic...
  • Titane

    2021 year 108 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Vincent Lindon, Agathe Rousselle, Garance Marillier
    Following a series of unexplained crimes, a father is reunited with the son who has been missing for 10 years. Titane : A metal highly resistant to heat and corrosion, ...
  • Dark Web: Cicada 3301

    2021 year 104 min 4.9 IMDB
    Alan Ritchson, Avaah Blackwell, Conor Leslie, Kris Holden-Ried
    Follows hacker Connor, his best friend Avi and a cunning librarian who find themselves over their heads when forced to compete in a sophisticated dark web secret societ...
  • Us and Them

    2018 year 120 min 7.0 IMDB
    Boran Jing, Dongyu Zhou, Zhuangzhuang Tian, Zheming Qu
    Ten years ago, on a train home during the busy Spring Festival travel period, fate brings Xiaoxiao and Jianqing together. Like many young couples, they meet, fall in lo...
  • Runt

    2020 year 95 min min 8.2 IMDB
    Brianna Hildebrand, Cameron Boyce, Jason Patric
    Neglected and unsupervised, a group of high school seniors are pulled into a downward cycle of violence.
  • Amazing Winter Romance

    2020 year 83 min min 6.1 IMDB
    Jessy Schram, Marshall Williams, Zoe Fish, Melissa Marie Elias
    When journalist Julia goes back home to find inspiration, she discovers her childhood friend has built a giant snow maze which prompts her to find her way to true love.
  • The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot

    2019 year 80 min min 6.7 IMDB
    Ashley Hays Wright, Cadence Wright, David Owen Wright, Jaina Wright
    In a small coastal town Bigfoot is sighted, and children go missing. The towns Police Chief is fired, leaving only the Sheriff. When the Sheriff goes missing, the towns...
  • Grave Intentions

    2021 year 88 min min 6.8 IMDB
    Astarte Abraham, Johanah Basanta, Paw Aya Bugarin
    In this anthology of chills, thrills, and kills, a practitioner of the magical arts teaches the basics of her craft. The most important lesson? You must be mindful of y...
  • The Wedding Trip

    2021 year N/A min 6.8 IMDB
    Kristjan Sokoli, Danielle Jean Schaefer, Sydney Bakich
  • Height of the Wave

    2019 year 89 min min 6.0 IMDB
    Seung-Yun Lee
    A woman cop, posted along with her teenage daughter to an island village, pursues two men she suspects of forcing an underage girl into prostitution,an investigation th...
  • Ouija Japan

    2021 year 78 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Ariel Sekiya, Miharu Chiba, Eigi Kodaka
    Karen, an American living in Japan, desperately wants to fit in and plays the Japanese Ouija with her peers, unwittingly disrespecting a local deity who sets her up to ...
  • Coppelia

    2021 year 82 min 0.0 IMDB
    Darcey Bussell, Daniel Camargo, Igone de Jongh
    When everyone in town falls under the spell of charismatic cosmetic surgeon Doctor Coppelius, feisty Swan must save her sweetheart Franz before his heart is used to spa...
  • Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

    2010 year 25 min min 7.1 IMDB
    Zach Callison, James Garner, Josh Keaton, Danica McKellar
    Superman finds a foe who may be too powerful even for him to defeat in the murderous Black Adam. Fortunately, Black Adam's real target is the Earth's Mightiest Mortal--...
  • Black Adam

    2022 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Pierce Brosnan, Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi
    Plot unknown. A spin-off from 'Shazam!' centering on the film's anti-hero, Black Adam.
  • The Lost Daughter

    2021 year 121 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard
    A woman's beach vacation takes a dark turn when she begins to confront the troubles of her past.
  • Mayor Pete

    2021 year 96 min min 3.6 IMDB
    Pete Buttigieg, Chasten Buttigieg
    An inside look at Pete Buttigieg campaign to run for President of the United States.
  • Show Me the Ghost

    2021 year 82 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Seung-Yeon Han, Seung-Bum Hong, Kim Hyun-Mok
    Best friends Hodu and Yeji are job seekers whose dreams and hopes have been ruined. One day, Hodu luckily gets a decent cheap fully loaded rent house. Yeji, who has bee...
  • 3100: Run and Become

    2018 year 80 min min 7.2 IMDB
    What if running could lead to enlightenment? 3100: Run and Become follows an unassuming Finnish paperboy in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler - the world's longest race...